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The Ringo StarR 
Peace and Love sculpture

 Each Peace and Love Sculpture is scaled up to 8.5 feet tall from an actual casting of Ringo Starr's right hand. A limited number of these sculptures and associated opportunities have been authorized and made available by the Ringo Starr organization for communities, institutions, organizations, and venues in association with
the Lotus Foundation 
which directs the charitable activities
of Sir Richard Starkey and Barbara Starkey.

Options for a Variety of applications and aesthetics  

The Peace and Love Sculpture is a physical reminder with a positive message. 

Originating from a actual physical casting, you could say Ringo had a big hand in these Peace and Love Sculptures. Crafted by skilled artisans with decades of experience, each is a meticulously created icon, constructed to inspire and to stand the test of time.


Height: 8' 5" (257cm)

Width: 3' 7" (109cm)

Depth: 3' 4" (102cm)

Base: 3' 5"W x 2' 11"D (104 x 89cm)

(No size variations offered)

Ringo Starr Peace and Love sciulpture

Each of these objets d'art has been uniquely created from a variety of materials with a finish and character of its own.

Bronze Peace and Love Sculpture
Ringo Starr Peace and Love sculpture

Metallic Options

Stainless Steel

Polished and Brushed


Polished and Patina

Garden Mosaic In Stainless Steel

Mosaic Peace and Love Sculpture

Star Embossed Polished Stainless Steel

with Hand Laid Mosaic Tile Art

This ultimate limited edition piece is made of stainless steel incorporating intricate hand laid mosaic tile art with details too numerous to mention.  

International Beatleweek

Versatile and Customizable Legacy Composite Options

Legacy Composite versions lend themselves to interior architectural installations such as lobbies, museums, student centers, music venues, libraries or any space where its message and spirit are appreciated and where a memorable landmark and gathering place are welcome.  In cooperation with Astridge International, these sculptures can even be transported from your location and installed for temporary exhibition at special events and for important occasions.

Peace and Love Sculpture

Finish Options Available

Shown in Legacy Platinum

Schools and Universities

Add dimension and bring attention to music facilities, student centers, libraries, green spaces and more.

Civic Organizations

Help bring your community together with a project that is inclusive of a wide range of organizations and demographics. 

Municiple  Entities

Include this rare and authentic work of art in your plans for transportation terminals, concert facilities, libraries,  schools, parks and more.

Private Benefactors

Contribute an iconic gift to your community or organization that will live on for generations. 

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