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Make Your Community or location a Must-see Landmark for those who appreciate A message of peace and love, As well as the iconic artist who embodies it.

Wherever you live on this beautiful planet, we invite you to be part of the initiative as expressed through Ringo Starr's simple and consistent message of "Peace and Love".  While the world deals with challenges and strife, together we have the ability to share the priceless message of Peace and Love through our examples and actions providing the opportunity for a high-profile and memorable statement that can impact its surroundings for generations.  Partial proceeds support Ringo's and wife Barbara's charitable organization, the Lotus Foundation. 

With your commitment, we can project a unified message throughout public places where we all can be reminded of the power of Peace and Love

Ringo Starr Peace and Love

“There's a language born out of peace and love in all of us.”

-- from Ringo Starr's

"Let's Change the World"

Create a unique Public space that encourages inspiration, conversation and reflection.

Imagine a space with Ringo's Peace and Love sculpture as its focal point. Create your own high-interest, high-profile destination highlighting your community and cultural surroundings.​ ​This initiative has been created with a wide variety of applications and organizations in mind.

Civic Organizations - Help bring your community together with a project that is inclusive of a wide range of demographics, organizations, and perspectives.

Municipal Entities - Include this rare and authentic work of art in your plans for transportation terminals, concert facilities, libraries, schools, parks, and more.

Schools and Universities - Add dimension and bring attention to music facilities, student centers, libraries, green spaces and more.

Private Benefactors - Contribute an iconic gift to your community or organization that will live on for generations.

Businesses and Commercial Spaces - Associate your business or location with the universally embraced message of Peace and Love and the internationally recognized artist who personifies it.  

Ringo Starr Peace and Love Statuette

Now Available!

The Ringo Peace and Love Statuette 

Each Ringo Peace and Love Statuette is an authorized work from an actual casting of Ringo Starr's right hand.  Limited to 100 pieces, each cold cast pewter production statuette includes a pair of collectible Ringo signature drumsticks, a certificate of authenticity with printed Ringo autograph, and a hand-signed Gary Astridge signature. 
Each is authorized by the Ringo Starr organization in association with the Lotus Foundation which directs the charitable activities of Sir Richard Starkey

and Barbara Starkey.

Ringo and Barbara Starkey Peace and Love
Beats and Threads
Help Support worthy causes around the world through the charitable work of
Sir Richard and Barbara Starkey.
Get more details and bring Ringo's Peace and Love sculpture to your community.

Thanks for submitting!  You will be receive information regarding Ringo's Peace and Love Sculpture opportunity.

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